This situation is quite bizarre because literally we have not stopped talking to each other…. he lets me know as soon as he has landed in another country for work, how the job is going, sends me pictures and updates all the time, but the last couple of days have been different from his side not mine… I don’t mind if he’s changed his mind or he has met somebody else, but I think he should at least have the courage to tell me and not just blank me… do you think I should confront it and just ask him why? We are both mature and not in our twenties or thirties… so really not into all this game playing and hookups rubbish…. should I just ask him out right if there is a problem?

How the day ended. Our daughter picked out a very cool bed in a bag for her room. A few other trinket items like huge bath towels finished Bed shop. Target and the Body works did toiletries. Aerie was spectacular so was HM and Macys. Foundation garments,pajamas and the beginning of a wardrobe she likes are going, Dicks and Nike were good. She likes hockey and baseball. We got good quality foot wear. I bought her a jersey sweater even if she likes the wrong team. Sturdy warm hoodie type items are always good. We both enjoy Lego so she chose a set. She lost her knitting so my wife and her will replace it. My son brought my grandbaby and the lap top for her. My grandbaby was kind enough to offer to watch dvds and have cereal on Saturday, and play ferrets. The foster son is bunking with my grandson at his place and the barn apartment. He is a hell of a kid.
As a male in the dating seen I feel most ladies don’t understand nice men because there a rare breed of men and most women enjoy bad boys but don’t understand the problems of doing so .well from what I’ve seen the bad boys are more likely to be verbally abusive and also abusive in the way they touch ladies and will also spoung the money out of a lady as a nice man why do women egnor the nice guy ?
One theme that came up repeatedly, especially with those married 20+ years, was how much each individual changes as the decades roll on, and how ready each of you have to be to embrace the other partner as these changes occur. One reader commented that at her wedding, an elderly family member told her, “One day many years from now, you will wake up and your spouse will be a different person, make sure you fall in love with that person too.”
"The thought of being vulnerable is a scary proposition for most people," admits Ray. She says that it's how you show your true self, at the risk of being hurt. When you date someone new, showing this side can deepen your connection and build trust. "Vulnerability can be a gift to the person who's wanting to know you on a deeper level," she explains.
Keep in mind that you need to be optimistic and a firm believer that there always someone out there for every person. You should not make yourself believe true love does not exist and you are going to end up alone. You should be willing to put in effort to find out the right guy for yourself. If you love one another, then it will not seem like hard work.
There’s no scoreboard. No one is trying to “win” here. There’s no, “You owe me this because you screwed up the laundry last week.” There’s no, “I’m always right about financial stuff, so you should listen to me.” There’s no, “I bought her three gifts and she only did me one favor.” Everything in the relationship is given and done unconditionally — that is: without expectation or manipulation.
“If you don’t take the time to meet for lunch, go for a walk or go out to dinner and a movie with some regularity then you basically end up with a roommate. Staying connected through life’s ups and downs is critical. Eventually your kids grow up, your obnoxious brother-in-law will join a monastery and your parents will die. When that happens, guess who’s left? You got it… Mr./Mrs. Right! You don’t want to wake up 20 years later and be staring at a stranger because life broke the bonds you formed before the shitstorm started. You and your partner need to be the eye of the hurricane.”

One person even said that she and her husband have “annual reviews” every year. She immediately told me not to laugh, but that she was serious. They have annual reviews where they discuss everything that’s going on in the household that they like and don’t like and what they can do in the coming year to change it. This sort of stuff sounds lame but it’s what keeps couples in touch with what’s going on with each other. And because they always have their fingers on the pulse of each other’s needs, they’re more likely to grow together rather than grow apart.
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You need to get him intrigued, which will keep him wanting for more. You need to wait for him to text you back. When you ask him out, do not always say yes. You should sometimes reply saying that you have other plans and shift the date to some other day. This will make him feel that your time is valuable and that he needs to go out of his way to meet you in the middle.
Exercises like this always amaze me because when you ask thousands of people for advice on something, you expect to receive thousands of different answers. But in both cases now, the vast majority of the advice has largely been the same. It shows you how similar we really are. And how no matter how bad things may get, we are never as alone as we think.
So today my(20f) cycle started and when I went to my underwear drawer I couldn’t find the pair I usually wear. So when my boyfriend(34m) got home I asked him if hed seen them and he told me he threw them out because they were ugly! I was already a bit angry but then he told me he only wants me to wear tampons and thongs from now on! I told him that I can’t and that I’ll get an infection but he just told me to wash regularly and that it won’t be a problem. We had a big fight and I told him I’m going to buy new underwear tomorrow but he said if he catches me wearing anything else he’s going to throw them out too!!

The worst relationship I ever had was also the most important one of my young life, in that I learned more about myself from that year-long ordeal than from any other. I was 18, and as often happens with first love, was completely blind to the fact that I was being manipulated and taken advantage of. My mother knew, of course, and while she could see the eventual train wreck at the end of that relationship, she let it happen because she knew I had to feel that hurt, face his betrayal and manipulation, and stand up for myself in the aftermath of that injury to my heart and ego. I’m sure she warned me in many small ways, but she never stood in the way of what must have been, from her perspective, an excruciating progression from infatuation to heartbreak. When I’d finally had enough, and I ended the relationship once and for all, she sat on the floor of my room as I tearfully exorcised my pain by cleaning out my closet. Again, I don’t remember what she did say to me that day, but I treasure what she did not say, something I don’t know that I would have been able to keep to myself. She sat there as I cried and helped me put clothing in bags for donation, and never, not once, did she say”I told you so.

"It's really attractive when a girl takes initiative in bed; a guy won't think any less of you. It doesn't always need to be a tit for tat thing with giving and receiving. The norm of so many of my relationships has been doing 80 percent of the work and taking 80 percent of the initiative in the bedroom. I can't explain how refreshing it is when it feels like it's 50-50." Greg G.
Do you want your man to celebrate countless moments of perfect romance with you? It’s the essential women nature that always wants to wrap by fairytale atmosphere of love. Craving for pure romance is not the story related with only women; men too long for it. To possess an equal passion for each other might not happen every time, but to choose a right guy having a strong attraction towards you is not that hard. Here are some must-know relationship advice for women, expected to follow before falling for someone.
I really love this kind of relationship but it’s just that my female brain goes way off in places where I should understand what is going on. Afterwards I feel quite immature and stupid for doing so and not keeping composure but it’s hard to bag in emotions. But then again I’ll work on it. After all seems to me that guys like the same things we gals do. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks again for the healthy tips. Owe you guys one.
7. Men aren’t all the same, so give them a chance!  As easy as it would be to base every opinion you have on an experience you had with a guy or listen to your best guy friend’s advice, not all men are the same. So even though these dating tips from men can be very helpful, men are ultimately individuals. Let them show up and show you how much they’re interested! Men are often more helpful than not, right? So if these seven dating tips for women from men weren’t enough for you, check back for more soon.
We have all heard the feedback of sandwiching negative feedback between two positives. I am not sure how I feel about this recommendation because it can lead to confusion. If there is a conflict in the workplace, lovingly but directly outline the problem. Do not wait until the point you are frustrated, because that is counterproductive. I have made this mistake countless times.