After a physical exam to determine if you are a candidate, we can help you begin to achieve your healthy goals. Our program goes beyond merely prescribing weight loss medication. We want your body’s fitness level to improve by recommending significant changes to your daily routine. We also search for ways to improve your energy levels so you can drop weight while picking up the pace.
So how does this work? A quick run-through: The first tip was to eat low carb. This is because a low-carb diet lowers your levels of the fat-storing hormone insulin, allowing your fat deposits to shrink and release their stored energy. This tends to cause you to want to consume fewer calories than you expend – without hunger – and lose weight. Several of the tips mentioned above are about fine-tuning your diet to better this effect.
I find the best keto recipes don’t focus on finding obscure ingredients to fake texture of dishes full of flour and grains – but are ones that taste like the dish you’re trying to make grain-free naturally – like my all time favorite Pizza Chicken (pictured above – a decadent, drool worthy pizza whose “crust” is a pan fried chicken thigh – it is AMAZING!!) or Buttery Crackle Chicken Thighs (a pan fried chicken thigh that tastes crazy rich and indulgent fried chicken – with NO breading!)

Hello! I only have a hand mixer and am just wondering any suggestions on mixing the batter together? Should I also combine the dry ingredients into the creamed butter/sugar mixture with a spoon before I fold in the chips? Or still use the hand mixer to incorporate the dry ingredients. Apologies, I’m so horrible at baking and just messed up a different recipe that was also prob super easy haha.